Detective Bureau

Detective Zach Clark is assigned to the Detective Bureau and balances his time between the detective bureau and the patrol division each week. Detective Clark works alongside the patrol division as well as with other area law enforcement agencies, government agencies and courts in order to provide the best possible service for solving and deterring criminal activity. Investigations are conducted using modern methods such as various internet capabilities, as well as standard police work and practices in order to solve the various crimes which occur within the city.  

The Detective Bureau conducts investigations into crimes which have occurred or originated within the city limits of Louisville. Many times, these are cases in which the patrol officers that handled the original call were unable to follow up or complete the case within their shift or the following shift.

Detectives investigate a multitude of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. They also attempt to put together clusters of criminal activity such as thefts from vehicles and attempts to locate and charge suspects. Detectives are also available to assist patrol units on an as needed basis for major crimes.



We always welcome any citizen to come forward with any information into any type of illegal activity, and see each citizen as an extra pair of eyes to assist us.

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