SRO Carosello
Ofc. John rinehart


The Louisville School District has a School Resource Officer: SRO Rachel Carosello and SRO John Rinehart.  SRO Carosello and SRO John Rinehart are assigned to the schools and help assist with safety programs, anti-drug and anti-alcohol programs, as well as other law enforcement education programs. SRO Carosello and SRO John Rinehart spend their time networking with the students in the schools to build rapport and establish positive contacts.

SRO Carosello is actively involved with the Stark County Drug Free Task Force, the Stark County Opiate Task Force and the Domestic Violence Task Force as well. You can reach SRO Carosello and SRO John Rinehart at 330-875-7396 or via email at SRO Carosello











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