Public Records Request Form

The City of Louisville is committed to ensuring your rights to promptly inspect and/or receive copies, in a reasonable amount of time, of the public records maintained by our City.

To assist you, the City of Louisville has enacted Schedules of Records Retention and Disposition, and a record and document management policy that are available for your review. Please direct your public record inquiries to the department where the public records are maintained. Any questions, please contact the City Clerk, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Public Record Management Policy  

Public Record Fees

The City of Louisville, in accordance with Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code; has established the following fees for providing copies or reproductions of public records maintained by the City:


1. For photocopies of either letter or legal size documents there shall be no fee under $1.00. For request for photocopies that exceed $1.00 the fees shall be five (5) cents per photocopy calculated from the first photocopy. Advance payment is required for all requests that exceed $1.00 before any copies are prepared. Two sided photocopies shall be charged at a rate of seven (7) cents per sheet.


2. For video tapes, cassette tapes or for any other type of media, the fee shall be the replacement cost or the reproduction (copying) cost. Reproduction costs may only be charged if a commercial or professional service is contracted to provide the copy. If the City creates the copy, a reproduction fee may not be charged.


3. Bulk Commercial Requests and Special Extraction Costs will follow Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43 (E) (2) (b).


4. Established costs/fees under this policy shall be clearly posted and visible to the public at all locations authorized to provide copies of public records
Costs and fees established under this policy represent the actual cost. The actual cost means the cost of depleted supplies, records storage media costs, actual mailing and alternative delivery costs, or other transmitting costs, and any direct equipment operating and maintenance costs, including actual costs paid to private contractors for copying services.




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